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This site is being developed to assist ski racing organizations on the mountain, state and regional levels, in the Northeast, to better organize their schedules for the benefit of all race workers including TDs.

The first phase of this project has been to build an online software program designed to map out TD's race assignments season by season. The challenge has been to help TDs keep abreast of the changes in race schedules in real time, maintain an up-to-date contact list of fellow TDs and a comprehensive record of their activities.

The second phase of this site's development is to expand the program's capabilites to serve the needs of all race workers from the Chief of Race down to each Gate Keeper with both scheduling and educational resources by creating a central online location any ski racing club could access and maintain. Participating ski racing organizations would be welcome to link the power of this site's programs into their clubs web sites free of charge.

To complete the second phase of development two conditions must be met: First, more ski racing organizations need to express and interest in such a service. Second, a sponsor to help offset the costs of development must be found.

Over the past ski season, several clubs have expressed such an interest and wish to know the dollar amount required to fulfill the plan. We estimate $2400 will be enough to finish the programing, purchase a domain name and cover the first 3 years of hosting the site.

For more information please contact Richard Hydren at 978-948-3346.

Richard has been responsible for the design and development of www.attitashraceteam.com, and www.mwvskiteam.com, where race worker assignments have been successfully scheduled online for over 2 years by their respective clubs.

Other web sites he is responsible for include: www.peakperformancecamp.com, www.joycechen.com, www.suffolkdowns.com, www.darlingconsulting.com, www.shapirolaw.com, www.oreintalpantry.com.

About the TD Assignment Manager

This is a password protected section of this web site. You may obtain the username and password by contacting Richard Hydren.

In this section, TDs can register, select race assignments, maintain a record of all their activities. State chairmen can enter and modify race schedules and assignments.

Coaches' Council Meetings:

4/18/2006 and 5/9/2006
Both are at New Hampton
at 7:00PM.


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